The commission currently has 2 main subgroups, an assembly planning subgroup and a communications group, these are;



This subgroup has been responsible for producing our Lenten and Creation Time resources, both the resources comprise a set of 3 guides, covering a complete cycle of the three year liturgical cycle. The Lenten resource is now complete, and the final Creation Time guide was released too, as well as a combined version.


Our newest subgroup, with several exciting projects in the planned to take forward.

Assembly planning group.

The Assembly Planning Subgroup, plans our annual assemblies, once more details are confirmed they are added to our Annual Assemblies page.


All of our social media accounts are run by our communications subgroup, as is this website. The communications subgroup, aims to link all of the other groups together.

If you would like to contact any of our subgroups, please fill in the box below.



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