Refugee Situation

English as a Second Language for Refugees/Asylum Seekers

A comprehensive ESOL resource from Churches Together Merseyside.

You can download it by clicking here.

Help any new arrival integrate into our society through language. This resource also shows language provision classes online and hints on how to start your own ESOL language provision. A resource for people who want to help but need somewhere to start!

The result of years of experience of Asylum Link Merseyside.

Welcoming the Stranger – A Guide

A ground-breaking document written by the Justice and Peace Commission in conjunction with other church leaders has now been published.

The innovative guide – Welcoming the Stranger – is intended for churches and other groups to help them find a way to respond positively to the refugee crisis. With easy to read sections and important factual information the guide busts myths that have grown up to describe this national and global crisis. Importantly the document offers clear guidance and support to help church communities, and others, offer practical help as they seek to welcome the stranger.

Click here to download.

There are many myths surrounding refugees and asylum seeker, in this video Mythbuster Joe tackles some of these myths.

A mini guide about the Community Sponsorship Scheme (CSS)

css screen shot

A step-by-step guide to preparing your community group to welcome a refugee family.

You can download the guide here.