Greetings Cards Campaigns

These lists will be updated in preparation for each Easter and Christmas, the date of the most recent update is listed.

Our greetings card campaigns provide you the chance to show solidarity with people, parishes and schools in The Holy Land, allowing them to feel supported and remembered at Easter and Christmas.




Christmas is a time for giving? Here is a small act that will make a big difference.

We can easily take Christmas cards for granted but there are other people in other parts of the world who would love to know that someone cares enough to remember them at this time of year.

If you would like to bring hope to the hearts of those who feel abandoned or forgotten by sending a card, then explore the following links and get writing!

If you are interested in sending Christmas cards to the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, and wish to know the correct procedure as well as parish addresses in Jerusalem, the Palestinian Authority and Israel, this is your link:

Moreover, there is the possibility of writing directly to Catholic schools in both Israel and Palestine which also come under the aegis of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem:

However, before you rush off to the post office, and to avoid possible disappointment, please read our special list of suggestions. You can find the suggestions for sending Christmas cards to parishes in The Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, as well as the parish and schools list, and an Arabic greeting, by clicking here.

Another option is to contact one of the Latin parishes in Israel, the list is available by clicking here.


There is an Arabic greeting to include in the cards  The message in Arabic (attached) is in two parts. The first line, by itself, is an appropriate religious formula.  It says: “The Messiah is truly risen, and we are witnesses to that.”

The other two lines say, “With our best wishes for the glorious feast of Easter,  from our church in the English city of Liverpool”– There are 4 sets of the message per page – click here to download the messages.

A list of parishes, in The Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, in Palestine and Israel, and instructions on how to send the cards, as well as a list of schools, and the Arabic greeting can be found by clicking here.