Annual Assemblies


“See, I am Making All things New” Rev: 2:5
Our Christian response to the COVID-19 crisis

YouTube Recordings of the Assembly available here

poster final

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, this year’s Annual Assembly will be held online on a number of platforms including an interactive virtual experience on Zoom, and simultaneously streamed on our Facebook page and YouTube.

Our speakers are:
Cardinal Michael Fitzgerald at 7:30pm on Sunday 28th June
Diarmuid O’Murchu at 7:30pm on Monday 29th June
Christine Allen at 7:30 pm on Wednesday 1st July

The Assembly will conclude with a Panel Discussion information by the feedback from the talks and a chance for Q+A at 10am on Saturday 4th July.

PDF version of the poster is available here.


The 2019 assembly, Apocolypse Now? Climate Change: What We Must Do, took place on Saturday 6th July, from 10am to 4pm at the LACE Conference Centre, Croxteth Drive, Liverpool, L17 1AA.


Our speakers were Paul Rooney, Bishop John Arnold and Jo Musker-Sherwood,

Paul Rooney’s PowerPoint is available to view here,

Hope for the Future/ Jo Musker Sherwood’s PowerPoint is available here.

Videos to follow shortly.


The 2018 assembly took place on Saturday 23rd June, from 10am to 4pm at the LACE Conference Centre, Croxteth Drive, Liverpool, L17 1AA.

Poster 2018 assembly

Our speakers were Rt Hon Jane Kennedy, Celia McKeon, Frank Cottrell-Boyce, Kemi and Natasha Ryan and Fr Nicholas Postlethwaite,

All of the talks were filmed and can be watched on YouTube by clicking here.


assembly poster 2017

“The signs of the times, Hope in a uncertain age”, was the theme of the 2017 assembly on Saturday 24th June.

You can watch videos of the talks by clicking here.

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